Vision & Mission


Under the direct patronage of University Grants Commission and the University of Calcutta, the Centre has been trying to achieve its targeted goal of becoming one of the most successful and highly admired HRDCs in the country; and it aspires to play a significant role in the East Indian education hub of the Kolkata Metropolitan Region by emerging as a Centre of Excellence in the services of academic leadership.


  • To promote exchange of innovative ideas across the disciplines through effective use of teaching-learning methods, tools and techniques, and harnessing the expertise of well-established resource persons in the different fields of apex knowledge-domain.

  • To play a significant catalytic (liaison) role in dissemination of quality knowledge for learning, research, teaching and administration in the HEIs.

  • To provide a national platform for sharing the institutional best practices among the stakeholders.

  • To have collaboration with renowned HEIs in India, and abroad in the long run.


  • Currently we organize academic programmes for: (a) Research Scholars, (b) Teacher-researchers, (c) Teacher-educators, (d) Teacher-administrators, and (e) Education officers/ administrators.
  • We expect to offer an Advanced Certificate Programme in 'Educational Leadership' transacted through a blended mode of PCP and MOOCs equipped with modular interactive classrooms.
  • Initiatives have already been taken to upgrade the infrastructure of our HRDC under RUSA 1.0,
  • We are preparing a digital database of national and international resource persons having established visibility to be invited to deliver lectures in our programmes.
  • Dynamic and interactive website is going to be launched very soon. Effective feedback mechanism will be introduced for continuous upgradation in delivery of the educational resources and services.